7 Recommendations on Employing a Chocolate Fountain.

Chocolate fountains are becoming a favorite attraction in parties and other events. Kids and adults alike cannot resist the temptation of dipping different types of treats into an overflowing fountain of rich and creamy chocolate fondue.

However, knowing how exactly to use this wonderful chocolate machine may make such a positive change between a mouth-watering dessert and a frustrating mess in your kitchen or buffet table. Learning how to utilize properly also ensures that the party won’t ever be forgotten. Here are some items that you need to know about using a chocolate fountain. Mini Chocolate Machine

1. Place the device on a powerful and steady surface. Make sure that it is put on a floor that could carry at the very least 85 lbs. The device itself is light but with the chocolate fondue, fruits, plates and skewers, the entire display could be a lot heavier. In addition, a constant and level surface allows the device to perform properly and flow evenly.

2. Plug the device having its own circuit. Avoid having an extension cord. If this is simply not possible make sure that no-one will trip over the extension cord by properly taping it to the floor.

3. Provide proper ventilation. Typically, you will find vent holes found on the underside of the machine. Avoid blocking these areas with linen or other materials to prevent over-heating.

4. Assemble the fountain in line with the user’s manual. But first, remember to clean all the components before putting everything together. Before pouring chocolate fondue in the main bowl, test the device first minus the chocolate to ensure that it’s in working condition.

5. Melt the chocolate. You can find three ways to get this done, in the microwave, on the stove top and in the basin or reservoir. When melting chocolate on a stove top, make use of a double boiler and place it over a low heat. Constantly stir the chocolate in order to avoid burning.

If you select to melt the chocolate in a stove, don’t allow it to running for too long. Set the microwave on low heat, and then place the chocolate in a ‘microwaveable’ bowl. Run the microwave for 30 seconds. Remove the bowl, stir and repeat the process and soon you get the required consistency.

On one other hand, when melting chocolate in the machine’s basin, you need to stir the chocolate constantly every three to five minutes. Observe that basin melting typically takes up to 1 hour to completely melt the chocolate depending on the level of chocolate used and the size of the machine.

6. Closely monitor the chocolate. Both basin-melted and pre-melted chocolate requires careful monitoring on the first time they are poured into fountain. Frequently stir the chocolate and spoon it towards the auger or the center to begin the device flowing with liquid chocolate.

7. Prepare the dippers.You need to use pound cake, marshmallows, cookies dried apricot, meringue, strawberries, banana pieces and more. When using fruits, wash and then dry them up so the chocolate will adhere to them. Additionally you have to make sure that the dippers are cut into bite size pieces so they can be individually skewered.

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