Are there Balloon Loans For Purchasing Motor Vehicles?


Though not common, there are balloon loans for purchasing motor vehicles and though the lender might be harder to find, qualifying for these loans is just as easy as qualifying for regular motor vehicle loans.
In the following paragraphs we will analyze Balloon Motor vehicle loans and explain why would someone want to request these loans. Truth is that under the right circumstances many can obtain their desired motor vehicle to start or run their own business and sometimes without a previous suitable income other types of loans would not be affordable. The money needed to make the purchase, then, wouldn’t be available either.

Balloon Motor vehicle Loans: How they Work?

Just like with balloon mortgage loans or balloon car loans, these loans provide all the funds needed to purchase the vehicle, the loan is then secured with the vehicle which has to be turned in to the lender in case you Online-Kostenvoranschlag von Ihrem Kfz-Gutachter fail to meet the monthly payments (repossession). Thus, there is little risk for the lender and the terms of these loans tend to be quite advantageous. However, these accounts only to the fact that these are secured loans. Let’s analyze what makes them different.

Ballon loans are loans that do not require the whole repayment of the capital along the repayment program. Instead only a portion of the principal is included in the monthly payments and sometimes the monthly installments correspond only to the interests generated by the capital.
At the end of the repayment program, however, a balloon payment has to be done and the principal of the loan needs to be repaid in full.

Of course, it is possible, at that point, to refinance the remaining balance (the principal) and exchange the balloon loan for a regular motor vehicle loan. However, this would increase the amount of money spent on interests and should only be done if you can’t repay the loan and you don’t want to suffer repossession of the vehicle.

Why a Balloon Motor vehicle Loan?

People who can’t afford regular monthly payments or need to start a business which needs a motor vehicle, can’t make good use of these loans because for a long period of time they will only have to pay small monthly payments when compared to the monthly installments of regular motor vehicle loans. This will provide them with ease to start generating income to afford either a refinance or the balloon payment at the end of the repayment program.

Once the repayment schedule ends, the borrower will either be able to repay the loan’s principal or at least agree with the lender a new repayment program with installments that will include, this time, a significant part of the principal (regular motor vehicle loan). However, if the borrower fails to repay the amount owed, the vehicle might get repossessed. Therefore, it is important to budget properly to avoid such situations.

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