Comprehensive Angio Pack Made by Winner Medical

 Comprehensive Angio Pack Made by Winner Medical

Angiography is a reliable method of examining blood vessels and other diseases when the condition of cerebral vessels, coronary arteries, venous thrombosis, arterial thrombosis, etc. is needed. Winner Medical manufactures a wide range of angio pack that is factory sterilized with ethylene oxide to meet the sterility requirements of the procedure.

Comprehensive Kit

Winner Medical manufactures angiography kits that include angiography drapes, syringes, tubing, table covers, microscope covers, angiography fluid bowls, towels, and gowns, all of which are ethylene oxide sterilized to meet the sterility requirements of angiography.

How to use Winner Medical’s angio package correctly?

  1. Select the appropriate configuration of angio pack specifications according to clinical needs to ensure the best surgical fit.
  2. Open the package in a sterile environment, and put on gloves, mask, and surgical gown.
  3. Take out each component of the product and check whether the components in the package are intact and the quantity is accurate according to the configuration table.
  4. Unfold and lay the surgical sheet according to the instructions, and set up and prepare the surgical instruments.


Winner Medical’s design of the disposable angio pack has been specifically optimized to meet the quality requirements of medical institutions for angiographic accessories. Winner Medical‘s dedication to quality is a guarantee of confidence in its products. Visit their website for more information.

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