1967 Season in the CFL -Canadian Football League


The 1967 season was the 10th season in the history of the Canadian Football League. This would be an exciting league for the league, but also for the nation. Canada would celebrate their 100th year of existence as a country during that year.

The CFL was broken up into the Western and Eastern Football Conferences. The Western Conference featured 5 teams while the Eastern Conference had 4 teams. Because of the difference in the number of teams there were 16 games played by the teams in the Western Conference and 14 games played by each team in the Eastern Conference.

The Western Conference was definitely the more dominant of the two conferences during the regular season. There were two teams that really stole the show in the conference. The Calgary Stampeders led the way with a 12-4 record on the season. The team was dominant on both sides of the ball. The Stampeders scored 382 points on the season and allowed just 219 points. These were the two best totals in their conference.

While the Saskatchewan Roughriders were not quite as dominant, they still managed to match the Stampeders in terms of wins and losses. They finished with a record of 12-4, the same as the Stampeders.

The last team to make the playoffs for the Western Football Conference would be the Edmonton  แทงบอล เว็บไหนดี Eskimos. They had a solid 9-6-1 record on the season. They weren’t dominant, but they found a way to win games on a regular basis.

The other two teams in the conference, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the BC Lions finished with records of 4-12 and 3-12-1. The Blue Bombers allowed a league high 414 points on the season.

The Eastern Football Conference was led by the likes of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The Tiger-Cats narrowly beat out the Ottawa Rough Riders for the best record in the conference. The Tiger-Cats finished with a 10-4 record on the season. The Ottawa Rough Riders finished win a record of 9-4-1. The Tiger-Cats and Rough Riders both employed very different game plans. The Tiger-Cats featured a stellar defense that allowed just 195 points on the season. Meanwhile, the Rough Riders would outscore their opponents, putting up 337 points in just 14 games.

The Toronto Argonauts finished as the last playoff team in the conference. They managed to make the playoffs despite winning just 5 games on the season. Their final record for the season was 5-8-1.

The Montreal Alouettes finished last in the Conference, posting a record of 2-12 on the season. They were only able to score 166 points on the season. This was by far the worst total in the league.

The playoffs featured two teams that managed to dominate the competition, the teams from Hamilton and Saskatchewan. When they faced off in the Grey Cup Championship the scales were definitely tipped in favor of the Tiger-Cats. The Tiger-Cats managed to take the game by the extremely unusual score of 24-1. This made the Hamilton Tiger-Cats the 1967 Grey-Cup Champions.

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