Choosing the right Fish Store for your Saltwater Tank Set up


When going into the local fish shop, you will be greeted with a huge amount of fish, corals, invertebrates, sponges, feather dusters and so much more. If this is your first visit to the pet store, you will want to walk around and evaluate the tanks that they are maintaining. Your first visit to the fish store will not be a short one, it is imperative that you thoroughly inspect their tanks. If they have a display tank look at how it is maintained, ask yourself a few questions. Is there algae in their display tank Fish Store Near Me ? Are there any dead fish within this tank? How is it set up, canister filter, or sump? These few questions tell you a lot about that store you are in.

If there is algae in the tank, this shows that they are not very careful in keeping this tank, this might also indicate the water that they use and probably would sell to you is not good, and you will want to avoid purchasing water from them. If there are dead fish within any of the tanks that you see, walk away and tell someone if they do not promptly remove the dead fish, you should leave there and never return. Dead fish in a tank do not always mean there is disease in the tank, sometimes fish do not come healthy, but a great fish store will remove them the minute they are found. Look at how their tank is set up, if you plan on having a set up like this then you will be okay in asking questions, but do not expect to ask them questions and get the right answers since clearly they do not have much experience in the set up you are attempting to attain. Make sure their tanks are clean, not overgrown with algae, and they have relatively healthy looking fish if they have all this then you should be good to go and try them out.

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