Could it be Beneficial to Have a Guru: Teachings from A Course in Miracles

Could it be helpful to have a guru in your life, especially if you have a dark night of the soul to go through? I’ve read that people all need some kind of help to undo all that people have learned. That’s where Intercessory prayer comes in or a Guru with preferably a lineage that shows they have done this kind of work through the generation of these family. Everything has to do with the power of the individual and the group they travel with in spirit.

I study A Course in Miracles and see that I have cultivated tremendously in combination with all the other spiritual books and work I have now been doing. However, I see given that even my guru has some unlearning to do acim youtube. The Course teaches us never put anyone on a platform and I see now. It has brought me a year and another dark night to observe that I’ve put aside me realizing that there was another way to deal with my illness. It absolutely was because of this guru that I postponed pursuing this. I believe the lesson maybe that people all have the power within us and when my guru speaks like some other in life I must discern the data and go within for the last answer. Whenever I push away that urge I find obstacles in my own path. So I’m confused, I view a major change in me with this specific guru but at the same time frame I discover the advice can conflict with my most inner beliefs and am forced to listen. I thought I must listen for this is actually the lesson: Tune in to the REAL SOURCE- the main one WITHIN. Please help me with see what else I might be missing.

Thanks for your heartfelt and sincere email. Role models (such as gurus or teachers or guides) are very useful stepping stones whilst the ego is undone. They can be inspirational and very supportive witnesses to the mind’s need to Wake Up. They could offer very useful and practical advice, teachings, and examples. Yet accepting the Atonement (Correction) is THE sole responsibility and this can be a decision of mind that transcends the thought of personhood. Persons do not become enlightened, for your brain that believes itself to become a person is asleep and dreaming of exile from the Oneness of Spirit. While the deceived mind believes in linear time, Awakening will seem to happen in stages. Through the seeming “process” of Awakening, symbols are used by the Holy Spirit as stepping stones that reflect higher or maybe more expansive states of consciousness. A guru can be a symbol of the potential for Enlightenment, yet the knowledge of Enlightenment is impersonal, unconditional, and abstract. The final dark night is always the temptation to retain a feeling of individuality, privacy, autonomy, and uniqueness. All perceived darkness reflects the belief in private minds with private thoughts. Mind is one in forgiveness and One in Truth.

It’s wonderful that you will be simply because the lesson of discernment always rests with the perceiver. Use your feelings as a barometer in this discernment, for how you are feeling is the main one right usage of judgment until it is apparent that any judgment is entirely impossible. Follow the Joy! Follow the Bliss! As you look within and make no attempt to protect or defend the ego, you’ll go through the Love the ego was created to hide. Love simply Is, and when the obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence have now been removed only Love remains.

Whenever you consider the thought of guru consider this:
Gee YoU aRe YoU
Here is the gentle reminder: I am as God created Me.
Here is the Power of Now.
Here is the simplicity of Being.

The fact is simple. The ego was the illusion of confusion and complexity.

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