Glutathione : So how exactly does this Increase My personal Immune System

Did you know that glutathione has an effect in your immunity system? Which means the total amount of glutathione you have in your cells has a direct bearing on whether or not you catch a virus and get sick or not. How would you like to obtain sick less often than you do now? Who wouldn’t, you say?

Our human immunity system is quite complex, and goes beyond the scope of the page. However, there’s new research coming out that demonstrates for a fact that glutathione is one of many most powerful supplements to improve or optimize this powerful system. I am happy to fairly share that research with you. It is essential to comprehend the difference between our innate immunity system, which we’re born with, and our adaptive immunity system, which often involves acquired immunity, which prepares your body to manage future challenges.

In published medical studies, glutathione has been shown to improve the adaptive system by promoting the multiplication or monoclonal expansion of white blood cells, particularly T-cells, which are responsible for fighting infections when you are confronted with them. White blood cells absolutely depend on the availability of glutathione to replicate. So, it is essential to impro immunity ve or raise your glutathione levels in order to stay healthy and ward off illness. Glutathione is definitely an optimizer, so if your are immunodeficient, your immunity system will get stronger. However, if you have an auto-immune disorder, glutathione will re-balance it. It “knows” what to do, and gets busy doing it.

The immunity system uses various cells to fight off infection and other threats and the healthy growth and activity of the cells is determined by the availability of glutathione (GSH)… Glutathione is in the centre of most immune functions and low GSH levels are noticed in several diseases, especially AIDS that is characterized by a significantly compromised immune system. Raising and maintaining GSH levels can minimize the risk of the diseases… Without question, the best form of preventive medicine is definitely an optimized immunity system and a crucial strategy to optimize it’s by feeding it GSH.”

These immunity system research studies and resulting comments by medical professionals have formed the cornerstone for Immunocal to really make the claim it is the only dietary supplement scientifically shown to consistently raise glutathione levels and thereby improve the human immune system. Immunocal functions by giving your body the foundations you will need to create it in your cells, which you will find out about in Article 6 of the series. You can’t just have a glutathione pill!

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